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Gobyerno Project: Honmoku, Japan Edition

Notes on creating Gobyerno Project Honmoku, Japan Edition with collaborators Junnosuke Tada and curator Chikara Fujiwara with the help of translator Lisa Fukuoka.

Role-playing creates distance from one's self and proximity to others. RP as empathy tool.

7 speech styles for president.

Revolution as ground theme. With Japan having distance from revolution, such theme is necessary.

Choosing the leader based on step move principle.

Choosing a group believing whether one should change the people or one should change the system.



Theater 1 as Ideal Government.

Theater 2 as Worst Government.

Theater 2 citizens transfer to Theater 1.

Negotiation on borders happen.

PhysicaliZing spatial and subliminal borders.

Addressing issues of migration, cultural differences and terrorism.

Social media as religion - follow your beliefs.

Audience curates :

What can be done?

What can not be done?

What can be said?

What can not be said?

On censorship and self-censorship.


Range instead of binaries - most priority.

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